How to make your own organic bread


Level  – Beginners

Time: 10.00 – 16.00
Price: Group session- £90.00 p/person (2 or more)
One-on-one session- £165.00

All ingredients included.

In this Course you will have a personal one-on-one tuition session to learn:

  • how to make and bake fabulous homemade real loaves in the same way our grandmas made them, without chemicals or preservatives, using Organic English Stone-ground Flour and yeast;
  • what is gluten and yeast, the science behind the baking process;
  • about the fermentation process and why longer fermented bread is better for you;
  • what are the main conditions for a successful homemade loaf;
  • what is special about Real bread and its benefits;
  • different  moulding and rolling techniques, “to knead or not to knead”- that is the question;
  • how to build you own recipes and create the loaves of your dreams, using Tanya’s basic recipes;
  • how to manage the baking process to achieve the result and crust you want.

                                                   You can ask any questions you have.
In the end of this session you will be able to bake your own artisan organic real bread to please and amaze yourself, family and friends.
The Dough Doctor students automatically become members of The Sunflower Bakery Club where you will:

  • have the opportunity to receive continuing support,
  • share your success with others ;
  • have access to exclusive recipes and learning materials;

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